My new book "Visions".

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Visions                                                                                 Click 

A spiritual story inside the dream-like world of an artist’s mind.

May 16th, 2018. 

   I have released my latest photography book. This is a Kindle book. It can be viewed in different formats such as an iPad, phone, and on a computer screen. You do not need a Kindle device to read it. Please share this with others and please feel free to write reviews if you would like. I like the e-book because it is an inexpensive way to share my work with others without having to go into a gallery. I am offering my services to you and taking on photographic projects.  

   When I make a photograph (of a landscape), it becomes therapeutic. When I do this, I feel better and meditate, and become connected with the beauty of the thunder, the amazing stars, the wondrous majestic power of nature. This helps me to reflect and connect to a power greater than myself, putting life into perspective. An image of the landscape has meaning regardless of what is going on in the viewer’s life, whether in times of suffering or happiness. The images create a narrative, each like a scene from a movie. During a film, we find ourselves in different scenes along the way, but ultimately we have a story.

   I am coming to terms with reality and growing spirituality. Science proves there are vast laws at work in the universe, laws we barely understand. God is a mystery to me, but even though I only know a little, more will be revealed in time. This is not about the dogma of religion created by men, but about a journey with a power greater than myself – Christ, a source of infinite love. I aim to imbue this journey into this book.

   My work, in some ways is like Salvador Dali who created “hand-painted dream photographs” in his paintings. I create images inside the mind and my fine art photography often captures a feeling of surreal within the real.

   I have traveled and lived in many states across the US and sought new and interesting photographic subjects. My search has me most recently brought me to Brownsville, Texas in 2014. Before that I was in Key West, FL. I lived there for four years and I was ranked as one of the finest photographers in the Keys. 

   I am a professional photographer who served as the University Photographer at Ohio University for sixteen years and had a photo business in Key West. I now a lecturer at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley at Brownsville. I have an MFA in photography from Ohio University and a BFA from California Institute of the Arts (ranked seventh in the country).

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